Target applications for rope access work

  • NDT inspection

  • visual inspection

  • mechanical work

  • electrical work

  • maintenance

  • ultrasonic thickness measurements (emat/ piezoelectric )

  • complex surveys

  • bridge/road inspection (fhwa-nhi safety)

  • structural repairs

  • pipe/conduit installation and removal

  • spring hanger repairs

  • flare tip replacements

  • fall protection installation

  • standby rescue systems

  • post mortem inspection


Using qualified rope access technicians allows us to easily access difficult areas  that would normally require complex rigging and crane staging. Deep South Communications employees are SPRAT certified and we employ SPRAT certified trainers also.

rope access target industry

Pairing competent persons with the latest technology Deep South Communications, can gain access to difficult or costly areas with ease.

  •  oil refining and petro-chemical production
  •  power generation
  •  offshore production
  •  wind energy
  •  pulp and paper manufacturing
  •  civil structures