Deep South Communications takes pride in providing the optimal approach to each client’s communications needs without bias toward any vendor or technology.

  • Full service communications
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Vendor agnostic solutions
  • Expert implementation

Broadcast Services

For large radio & tv structures and antenna.

Fiber Optic Communication

Fiber optic OSP construction and transport electronics sourcing, engineering, installation.

Tower Construction

Build telecommunication towers from the ground up.

Wireless technologies represent a rapidly emerging area of growth and importance for anyone considering a wireless solution. Recently, industry has made significant progress in resolving constraints to the widespread adoption of wireless technologies. Wireless is being adopted for many new applications: public safety, to connect networks, to allow remote monitoring and data acquisition, to provide access control and security, and to provide a solution for environments where wires may not be the best solution.

Deep South Communications has extended its scope of service to include all aspects of Broadcast Tower Services. Services cover design and engineering, construction, troubleshooting and maintenance.

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