Our Dedication To Safety

While committed to high quality implementation and support, we are also extremely dedicated to safety. We employ a full time Safety Director who oversees our safety program. Each tower technician is put through an intense 3 day class in Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue. They also attend up to three more highly skilled 5 day classes on Specialized Rope Access Training (SPRAT) and are experts in rope access and rescue. We are the only company today in our industry that I am aware of that utilizes this type of safety program. Most companies use a NATE approved program for their Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue. While adequate for maintaining minimum training, there is still an average of one fatality per month in this industry along with the many non-fatal accidents. The SPRAT program we use has been in existence since the early 90’s and has no fatalities. This point alone speaks volumes about our commitment to safety and ability to think outside the box.

Our unique and strong approach to safety, and our customers support of this, will add considerable goodwill and intangible value by both industry experts and customers alike.

Developing New Approaches

Deep South Communications is the first and only company that has replaced the industry standard “cat head” or capstan winch with a much safer alternative. The capstan winch has been a source of untold injuries in this industry. We welcome the opportunity to share our approach with you and show you the added safety benefits.

What this safety commitment means to our customer is a significantly reduced risk of exposure. Our technicians are also trained in first aid and CPR. We have one of the most stringent drug testing programs in existence. We use hair follicle testing that looks at the last 90 days on average and cannot be beat by the employee. Our drug testing program is administered by a third party and tests 100% of our employees yearly, twice that of the industry standard. Sixty percent of the applicants that apply to work at Deep South Communications from our competitors cannot pass our drug tests.  Most of those are still employed in this industry.

Our Technicians have safety training in the following:

  • RF Awareness

  • NATE Approved Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue

  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

  • Crosby Fundamentals of Rigging

  • Sparrows Offshore Lifting


  • Telescoping Forklift

  • Skid Steer Operations

  • Excavator Operations

  • Dozer Operations

  • Gin Pole Operations

  • Hoist Operations

  • Man Riding Hoist Operations

  • Defensive Driving

  • Safe Gulf